From mold to structural deterioration to damaged belongings, water in your basement is a major problem! Its the water you can’t see that can cause the most damage. That’s why the foundation contractors at SUNDAHL RESTORATION, LLC offer sump pump installation for both residential and commercial customers. Our sump pump systems are designed to help eliminate water in your basement and prevent moisture-related damages so common with wet basements. A proactive solution for dealing with water in your basement before it gets out of control, sump pump installation from SUNDAHL RESTORATION, LLC is a great solution for helping keep your basement dry.

Dealing with basement flooding after the fact is only so effective–you can get rid of the water, but not before it can cause some serious damage. But with sump pump installation from SUNDAHL RESTORATION, LLC, you can help prevent these water issues in the first place! Your sump pump collects (some..not all the water) and pumps that water it collects out of your basement, essentially removing it before it has time to do much damage. A great tool for helping keep your basement dry, sump pumps are available for stand-alone installation (great for emergency water evacuation) and as part of a comprehensive waterproofing system. Often the only thing standing between your basement and a major flood, your sump pump from SUNDAHL RESTORATION, LLC can make wet basement woes a thing of the past.

Our team of foundation contractors has over 50 years of experience in basement waterproofing–and we’re ready to put that expertise to work for you. With thousands of satisfied customers in our years of service, we have the extensive hands-on knowledge and experience you need for the best in sump pump installation. We can help you select the right sump pump for your water evacuation needs as well as ensure it is properly located and installed for optimum function. The SUNDAHL

RESTORATION, LLC professionals have the top-quality sump pumps and installation you can rely on for superior sump pump installation.


SUNDAHL RESTORATION, LLC also offers battery backup sump pumps. These auxiliary systems can be paired with your primary sump pump: in case of power failure or main pump malfunction, your battery sump pump will kick in and pick up the slack. SUNDAHL RESTORATION, LLC can even configure your battery sump pump to turn on automatically for your convenience and superior moisture protection. A great way to ensure effective water removal no matter what, your battery backup sump pump can help ensure your basement stays dry.

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