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Your house is vulnerable to flooding. It’s inevitable that too much water in the ground or from heavy rain will penetrate your home and cause damage. But, amazingly, even in the face of increased water in the ground or during heavy rains, there’s a way to waterproof your home. Sundahl Waterproofing offers home waterproofing solutions for the walls and foundations of Larchmont. Often, homeowners simply are unaware that foundation waterproofing could prevent a flood. It’s a way of sealing off your foundation so that water cannot penetrate through porous surfaces or through gaps in construction. And remarkably, a house with waterproofing could avoid a flood where a next door neighbor without waterproofing suffers the flood.

Residential waterproofing is a cost-effective way to extend the lifespan of your home and make it a safe haven for your family. For expert quality service, Sundahl Waterproofing is a local source for everything you need to keep moisture, seepage, and flooding at bay.

Water leaks or high moisture levels can mean more than costly repairs; they can also mean health risks. Mold and mildew can cause lung cancer and breathing problems, especially among young children, elderly persons, and those who already have asthma or other breathing conditions. Dehumidification and other moisture-control services can help you eliminate the chances of these health concerns.

Without residential waterproofing, water leaks can cause structural damage to your home. When you call us about fixing a leak, we make sure it’s fixed for good. While some of our competitors might do a half-hearted job that prompts repeat business, we’d rather do the job right and get additional business through satisfied customers who refer us to their friends and family.

Facts About Larchmont, NY

Larchmont is an affluent village located within the Town of Mamaroneck in Westchester County, New York, approximately 18 miles (29 km) northeast of Midtown Manhattan. The population of the village was 5,864 at the 2010 census. In February 2019, Bloomberg ranked Larchmont as the 15th wealthiest place in the United States, and the third wealthiest in New York.

History of Larchmont:
Manor Park in Winter Larchmont NY 10538Larchmont was originally home to the Siwanoy Indians and was discovered by the Dutch in 1614. Larchmont derived its name from the Larch tree, a Scottish species of fast-growing trees, which were imported by Peter Munro in 1816. These trees were planted at the historic ‘Manor House’ which was built in 1797 by Peter Jay Munro and remains a private home and historic point of interest.

The first train line came down from Boston in 1845, and was extended to NYC in the early 1870’s. Most of the manor houses were constructed between 1880 – 1910. The newer section of Larchmont (north of Boston Post Road) was mainly built in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

The village of Larchmont, which is located in the Town of Mamaroneck, was incorporated in 1891 and quickly became a popular resort community for wealthy NYC. Many notable personalities have resided in this leafy village. Famous film stars such as Maurice Barrymore, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford to noted writers Jean and Walter Kerr have made there homes here as well as Joan Rivers, the Famed Doc Severson, the Austrian composer and conductor Alexander von Zemlinsky and many more including the academy award winning film director Ang Lee.

Tudor in Larchmont NY 10538Larchmont is home to the historic Annual Larchmont Race Week hosted by the Larchmont Yacht Club. A tradition for 113 years, where world-class yacht racing is provided to competitive sailors from the very young to the seasoned yachtsmen.

Larchmont has been ranked #33 in the US for cities with oldest homes, #45 in highest median house value and #54 in household income.

In July of 2005, CNN/Money ranked Larchmont as the 11th best place to live in the U.S.

A great commute to midtown Manhattan via Metro-North is approx 37 min. to Grand Central Station.

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