Why Every New Yorker With A Basement Needs A Smart Backup Pump

Why Every New Yorker With A Basement Needs A Smart Backup Pump

If you live in New York, you’re probably at your home a lot less than you would like. In fact, according to nymag.com, we spend over two hours more than national average just in commute time!

“Each week, an average New Yorker spends six hours and 18 minutes commuting, well above the national average of four hours and 11 minutes.” – nymag.com, 11 Facts About Your Soul-Sucking Commute

I’m willing to guess that with your few and far between moments at home – the last thing you want to do is waste your time going into the basement, open up the sump pit and inspect the sump pump on the regular. Or worse, come home to a flooded basement.

Here at Sundahl Restoration, we now offer a game changing, connected home product that monitors the heart of any waterproofing job, the sump pump!

PumpSpy’s Smart Backup Pump offers a monitoring service that constantly monitors your primary sump pump, backup pump and battery. If any problem is detected, you receive alerts through text messages, email and the PumpSpy app on your phone. The PumpSpy system automatically switches over to the backup pump until you can fix the main pump.


In short, time and security! With PumpSpy’s Battery Backup System, the system inspects your pump, backup pump and battery – saving you time and preventing flooding with smart predictive maintenance. I mean, how cool is it that homeowners can check their sump pump system on the subway?

  • PumpSpy monitors your primary pump, backup pump and battery – testing them three times a week
  • Text message, email, and PumpSpy app alerts
  • Smart Predictive Maintenance feature alerts you to the end of life expectancy based on your sump pump system’s performance history
  • Going out of town? Great! Send alerts to your housesitter, neighbor, handyman, or really, whoever and however many people you like
  • Need help? PumpSpy has a support line where you speak to a real waterproofing expert 7:30am-7:30pm weekdays
  • Still need help? When you activate your PumpSpy Monitoring, Sundahl Restoration can log into your system as a contractor and see your history, allowing us to better serve you.

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